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The purpose is to help a Quiz Master to handle lots of questions (in a database) and to make
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27 February 2013

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QuizMaster Manager is an impressive application that assists in quiz creation and management. The software facilitates you in handling quiz databases with lots of questions stored with them and allows easy selection of any of these questions to form new quizzes. In addition the program also includes various interesting quotes from Groucho Marx, which makes the application quite impressive. The functioning of the application has been split into two parts; first is for editing the questions, and second deals with quiz building. Furthermore, the utility aids you with reports and has options to Preview Questions and Answers.

With the help of QuizMaster Manager 2009.03.0000, you can form variety of quizzes by using the several questions present on the quiz databases. Opening the program console, the left pane stages the tasks that can select to carry out, which includes ‘Create a New Quiz’, ‘Open a Saved Quiz’, ‘Auto Generate a Quiz’, and Edit Questions’. Pressing ‘Create a New Quiz’ option, the application opens the Quiz Builder, where you can add the desired questions that comes automatically with the related answer, category, level, etc details. The program even prompts you to make a new selection if you mistakenly have selected an existing question. Also, while building the quiz you can preview the questions or preview questions with answers. Save the quiz for further usage, and you can even load the quiz again for modification, if needed. Moreover, if you don’t wish to put in manual efforts, then you can use ‘Auto Generate a Quiz’ feature for quiz creation. You just have to specify the question count, after which the utility gathers the questions and forms the quiz itself. Next with Edit Questions feature, you can add new questions or edit the existing ones. It even comprises of database maintenance, program preferences, print quiz, internet browser support, hyperlink, difficulty levels, question range, find and various other options.

QuizMaster Manager 2009.03.0000 is an effective quiz creator and question databases maintenance application for easy quiz building. The utility associates impressive feature range with credible functioning capability that facilitates you create different quizzes manually or automatically, considering all the mentioned features it justifiably has been rated at 4.5 points.

Publisher's description

The purpose of the program is very simple; It is to help a Quiz Master to handle lots of questions (in a database) and to make it as easy as possible to make selections from those questions to form a good Quiz show. The program is extremely simple to use and to quote Groucho Marx - "A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five". (You will find many more quotes from Groucho Marx in the program.) The first part is to Edit Questions and the second part is called to Build a Quiz. The program will help you to keep track of the questions previously used, so questions are not re-used to soon or to often when building a Quiz. The two main views are Edit Questions and Quiz Builder. They form the basis of the program together with the reports; Preview Questions and Preview Questions and Answers
QuizMaster Manager
QuizMaster Manager
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